2009-03-11 20:19:25 by esp117

Hello I'm on itunes NOw so if you want me to put your VIDEO on my podcast please P.M.
ME !!!

1) Edit your movie/Video so that it has NO Preloader or make your video gos straight to the video
2) Nothing to bad (no porn)
3) This will COST YOU nothing!!!
4) Send it to a file hosting site like MediaFire
5) I will get it up as soon as i get the file,
---------What i will do to the File----------------------------------
1) i will convert the video so that it will be a .mov (if you want your video to be able to play on your ipod tell me in your message)
2) Then I will add it to my cast all i have to do is upload it to my hosting site ( I will be getting a better one this weekend or later this month) then I will make a post on my Blog Iphone3ghax
3) I will ping itunes and Thats it.
----------------Check out my Cast----------------------------------
Click the LINK --------------------------- Itunes
Thank YOU!!!

new flash movie

2008-05-23 21:21:56 by esp117

i'm making a new flash movie its going to be a maplestory movie hope you like!!

something NEW

2008-05-22 21:13:00 by esp117

so i have benn gone for a long time but im back and making new NG stuff.
i also hacked some stuff like my ipod touch and that gay game dragon fable (i hate that game)

oh ya add my on maplestory if you play

scania ponany117

school !!!

2008-01-19 10:15:50 by esp117

man back to school for me which is so stupid and gay well on a desk i "adevtised" newgrounds
so your welcome.

my first sub.

2008-01-06 11:36:25 by esp117

so how do you like my first video i liked it at this time i'm making a
fps called "shot the wierd face'' (don't steal name)

super mario

2007-12-28 18:26:12 by esp117

ok i got all the movies i told you about so now

watch THEM ALL!!!!!!



2007-12-28 18:16:29 by esp117

welcome to my awsome page [under construction] it has all my favorite games and movies

Oh ya new years is comming up on monday and i wonder if it is going to be cool or just suks?????

i don't really know. so i will keep you guys in touch. kk

ya check out my favorites they are AWSOME lol.

I HIGHLY recmend watching ALL the super mario z movies i'll add all of them

LATER !!!!!!????